Fashion · 06. October 2017
My new series, featuring my favourite photographs of that year.

Family · 03. October 2017
Loved shooting with this lovely family on a beautiful Dutch beach in Noordwijk.

Fashion · 12. September 2017
I had the chance to do a test shoot with the gorgeous Louisa.

Pet · 09. September 2017
A very cute photoshoot with French Bulldog snow and his owner through Zaandam.

Pet · 29. August 2017
Ayra, Choco and I went to Amsterdam North, to the old shipyard and took some awesome photos!

Fashion · 22. August 2017
I loved working with Fabienne Chapot collection. What a fun colourful brand!

Fashion · 21. August 2017
I had a chance to take photos in collaboration with the fabulous brand Gado Gado by Margriet Wagenaar. Her dresses are gorgeous pieces of handmade art.

Fashion · 18. August 2017
Check out my latest collaboration with Fresh Collection!

17. August 2017
Since I launched my new website I will also be starting a new blog. Here you will be able to see the latest projects I've done!