Fashion · 09. September 2018
Amsterdam Fashion Institute Textile Minor graduation exhibit

Wedding · 25. August 2018
I explain here why it's crucial to hire a professional on your wedding day.

Fashion · 30. July 2018
Shooting at Leiden Botanical gardens with a lovely team. Published in Salyse magazine.

Wedding · 11. July 2018
If you hire me, you can be sure I will 100% hear out your wishes and respect your desire for privacy.

Love yourself · 08. July 2018
Shoot at the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam. Lovely time spent in there with Simona :)

Branding · 28. June 2018
Sophie is a Gyrotonics teacher in North-Holland. I have done both photo and video work for her, to tell her story fully.

Wedding · 20. June 2018
Beautiful California wedding, with two lovely people! Privileged that I got to be part of your special day.

Photography · 03. June 2018
First part of my popular blogpost, or the top locations to shoot in Amsterdam!

Dance · 03. June 2018
Inspired by dancing and the movement of the body an editorial from Salyse magazine, shot near Haarlem.

Couples · 26. May 2018
Celebrating 39 years of marriage in Amsterdam!

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