Top photo locations Amsterdam (part 1)

I have been living in Amsterdam for 5+ years now, so I can safely say that’s enough time to explore and find the best spots.


If you haven’t done that yet in the city you currently live in, I encourage you to take the most popular way of transportation, in my case it’s always my bike, and take the time find those spots that inspire you and make your heart tingle.


So here it comes, my favourite spots to shoot around Amsterdam!

NDSM, Amsterdam-North

This location is amazing if you want to get an urban feel to your photos. NDSM is a former shipyard, and it has turned into a cultural hotspot in the recent years. You can take a ferry there for free and I promise you won’t regret it.


I has that rugged, old abandoned warehouse feel to it and usually there’s not that many people there during the week so it is literally one of the best locations you could ask for.


Be aware though, if the office manager is in and it looks like you're working on a bigger production, she will either ask you to pay for shooting there, or to leave. Last time we choose the latter since we were just shooting for fun. 


Added bonus: once a month the biggest flee market in Europe takes place there, so if you’re in town that’s the place to be.

EYE film museum, Amsterdam-North

The EYE is an architectural piece that is definitely worth checking out, even if you’re not planning a photoshoot there. The inside of the building is just as cool as the outside, people working there are super chill. I had many shoots there but no-one ever told me I should photograph there.


Added bonus: the pattern  in the backside of the building just makes for amazing backdrop in your photos

Fashion shoot with Cina Liu, blogger
Fashion shoot with Cina Liu, blogger

Flevopark, Amsterdam- East

Now this park is not like any other you’ve seen before around Amsterdam.


In contrast with the well known Vondelpark, Flevopark is not as organised and well trimmed. It has almost like a fairy tail feel to it bc of all the old trees and wild looking bushes. The park was given it’s concrete form back in 1908. Maybe it’s the old feel to it that made me fall in love with it the first time I biked through.


Added bonus: there’s a lake in the middle of the park with an awesome cafe, where the guy always wear funny sweaters and they sell their homemade liquor. 

Engagement shoot at Flevopark
Engagement shoot at Flevopark

Jordaan-area, Amsterdam- Centrum

The Jordaan is of course a must see if you’re in Amsterdam, but I especially find it the perfect spot to shoot with couples.


The smaller the canal better. I had some shoots where the couples climbed on boats (which is totally not ok) but it just looks so cute on photos.


Added bonus: when you’re doing a photoshoot in this area (this happens almost every single time) people tend to get really friendly, so they will be congratulating the couple and ringing their bike bells to wish us a fun time. 

Amstel Park, Amsterdam- Zuid

What I absolutely love about the Amstel park, how versatile it is. Once I had a shoot there, we shot 5 different outfits, but they all look like they’re taken in a different location.


From a maize, Japanese gardens, butterfly garden to rose garden. Basically anything you want in a beauty shoot, and the pictures were not disappointing.


Added bonus: if you bike there around sun down you will meet the adorable bunny inhabitants ^.^

So these are my top locations for now. I don’t think one blogpost can sum up all my favourite places so keep your eyes open for a follow up post with more places to see and shoot. Meanwhile if you know an awesome place that inspired you, leave a comment and  I would love to check them out.


x Simona 


Ps: If you fell in love with any of these locations, I would love to shoot there together, don’t hesitate to message me.