Colour Me Confident


Photographer: Simona Graszl

Model: Fary Maria

MUA: Fatima Ribeiro


This shoot was inspired by the quote: ‘She’s a woman, what’s your superpower?’


We want to celebrate unapologetic confidence that women earn through life trials. The many vibrant colours were used to indicate in how many different situations women can transform doubt into confidence.


The paint on her body represents life lessons, whom can imprint as warrior scars or grace her as decoration. Through all visuals (trials and tribulations) there is one common denominator; her radiant confidence.


You can see here how they were displayed in the magazine, and underneath the original photos! 

Beauty shoot Amsterdam
Fashion Photographer working in Leiden
Foto shoot in Amsterdam
fashion amsterdam fotograaf grachten
Lifestyle photographer Amsterdam

Let me know what you think of this series! 


x Simona