AMFI - Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Fashion Institute hired me to photograph their Textile Minor graduation exhibition. 


AMFI is currently the largest fashion institute in the Netherlands. More than 100 lecturers teach more than 1100 students about all aspects of the fashion world. AMFI is also the only fashion institute in the Netherlands that covers the entire fashion chain. 


AMFI’s education covers all facets of fashion from developing a raw idea to a product and an image. Students are taught to understand the entire fashion chain and their specific discipline in a wider perspective. With a reality school concept we are combining creativity, research, craftsmanship and technology to prepare our students for the future.


I was not disappointed with the amount of creative and awesome creations I saw by the students. 

The event was held at the OSCAM - the Open Space Contemporary Art Museum, where they welcome unknown and known artist to exhibit their work.


During the whole time I was there I felt really alive, the whole event was upbeat and fresh, you could almost feel all the excitement from the young artist. Most of them were dutch, and some internationals. 

Check out the photos below, some of my favourites you have already seen above. :) 



x S

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