Zaandam romantic dog walk

I was very excited when G contacted me first about shooting together.


She told me she has a french bulldog and his name is Snow. I think you might be able to guess why his name is snow. He's completely white, except his cute little nose that actually used to be pink when he was a pup.


Another exciting thing that G told me over the phone, that they live in Zaandam and would love to take their photos there.

I don't know if you're familiar with Zaandam, but here's a few interesting facts about it: In 1697, the czar Peter I of Russia spent some time in Zaandam, studying shipbuilding. The house he stayed in has been preserved as a small museum, the Czar Peter House. In 1871, the impressionist painter Claude Monet lived in Zaandam for approximately half a year. During that time, he made 25 paintings of the area, including Bateaux en Hollande pres de Zaandam and A windmill at Zaandam.

The first European McDonald's restaurant opened in Zaandam in 1971. (source)


It's also well knows for its old architecture and cute little houses.

I hope you liked this Zaandam shoot, let me know if you would also like to be photographed with your furry friend! 


x S 

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