Feature in Elegant Magazine

I put this photo shoot together in a couple of weeks. I always try to work with brands and people that inspire me or get a feeling we could be sharing a similar vision in a project. I can say this was true for every single member of our team. 



Simona Graszl (photographer)

Saskia Oever (model)

Malika van de Plas (MUA)

Jasper Griffin (assistant)

The Boyscouts (jewelry)

Desires (clothing)

Hotel the Exchange (location)


We loved working together and during the shoot we already knew we created something special, so we decided to submit our work to different magazines.

Elegant magazine was the first one to except our submission, and I am really proud to have my work in their magazine. 


Here are some photos from the magazine itself with my happy face next to it! 

...and here's the full set! 

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x S 

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