Photos from the past (2014)

I was looking through my back catalogue today, and realised after not looking at photos for a couple of years, your feelings change about them and you view them differently. I have gone through almost all my work today, up to 2016 and realised all the photos I really liked from these shoots now are ones I never even shown to anyone before of published them.

So today is the first part of my series 'Photos from the past' to be specific the 2014 edition. That was a year before I started my company, I was still working full time, and next to it I would do as many shoots possible to built my portfolio. It was a great year, I loved everything that I got to do in the safety of a paying job. 

Let me know what you guys think, I will share soon the next portion of my older photos. 

Hope you will have a restful weekend! 


x S 

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