First blogpost on my new site!

Good to have you here! If you're reading this you're most likely know me or heard about me, if not let me introduce myself.


I'm a Leiden based fashion and lifestyle photographer. I live near the city of Leiden with my family. When people ask me where I'm from I would say Budapest, even though it's not entirely true since I spent most of my childhood and Italy and lived in 7 different countries ever since.


My passion lays in glamour and fashion photography, so I add that twist to any shoot I do. When I say I'm a lifestyle photographer, I always think it sounds a bit broad so let me tell you what I exactly mean.


I do two main things: one is called 'Year in a life' where I follow a little life from the point they're in their mothers belly, to their first birthday, where they get to smash their first cake. I really love doing this, since the first year everything is changing all too fast, and I want to capture those precious moments. 


The other one is manly pet photography, but I also like to get the owner in the photos, with a twist of beauty and glamour. I like the pet owners to dress up nice and feel beautiful alongside their pets. I call these style photos 'Pet Glamour'


If you want to see some examples of my work, feel free to go to the portfolio area and look around a bit. I would also love to hear who you are and what are you passionate about. I believe everyone should do what their passion lies is, it's one way how you can live and feel fullfilled. 


I recently built this new website so this is the reason why I am starting a new blog. In the future I will be posting about my thoughts, ideas, products I sell or use myself and of course the most recent projects I have been working on. 



Talk to you soon! 

x S 


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