This is how I work

I just wanted to give you a quick insight what it looks like to make a booking with me. After we got in contact, and you have an idea, what you would like to have pictures taken of, I usually like to meet with you in person before the day of the shoot and after as well.


What is the first meeting about?

Well, first of all drink some coffee or tea, I prefer coffee, and we talk about what exactly is that you wish for. Your vision for the photos, how would you like the photos to be used after the shoot, and of course to get to know each other a bit. We will also most likely sign a contract where we both make sure our mutual expectations are clear. We will also set in place the date for the upcoming shoot.


What does the day of the shoot look like?

We will meet on the date, time and location we previously agreed on. We will chat for a few minutes about the way I take photos and then we will get right into it. After 15 minutes or so you should feel comfortable in front of lens, at least more then you did at first, and we will start seeing the results we wanted to achieve. I like sort of maintaining a conversation while shooting, because I noticed that put people more at ease. If you checked out my section pricing, there’s a time I put in each package, but I don’t look at photography as a production line, so if you want to change outfit, or your baby is crying we will take the time to figure all that out.

If you do get sick, or the weather is terrible, there’s a possibility to reschedule without any charges.


Do we part ways forever after the shoot?

I like to meet up again after the photo session, so I can present you the photos and tell you more about the compositions, or why I think certain photos are better then others. Then we can pick out together the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ photos. Also here we can discuss if you would like to order any prints, wall pieces or an album. I also hope that after the first shoot together we will work together sometimes again in the future.


What if you don't have time to meet before or after the shoot?

I’m very open to Skype or FaceTime, but I definitely think, that even if it’s for a short time, it’s very important to talk face to face and make sure we really like each other.