Jut en Julie (webshop)

We have a great love for sustainable products and found it hard to find really soft and sustainable swaddles for our baby. That's where the idea of Jut & Julie came from. 


After months of searching and testing we decided to make 2 kinds of swaddles. One of 100% organic cotton and one of a bamboo and cotton blend. Both are made ethically with respect for both people and nature.


By now our sweet girl is over 2 years old and we are still using the swaddles to the fullest! As a nice bib, as a cloth to play on, to dry her and to build huts.

Besides the swaddles we are always looking for other sustainable products to expand our brand.


The first expansions can already be found on the website. We have different coloured bibs with cheerful prints!


The bibs are also ethically made from a sustainable raw material.