Driftwood Distillery Leiden

Driftwood Distillery is based in the Vliegkamp (airfield) at Valkenburg. The area is rich in history, is in the middle of cycle paths, bulb fields, farmland and of course… next to the beach. 


Driftwood Distillery; the coming together of years of experiences to create something special which would not have been possible without the journey; this is our passion and we hope your new experience!


They also organise weekly gin tasting experiences which are suitable both for companies and small groups.

They promise an unforgettable experience, filled with fun and Dutch gezelligheid.


As you gather around in our boutique distillery, learn the stories behind our craft gins, their quirky names and how the makers, have travelled more than a million miles arriving at the shores of Katwijk back in 2015.


They will show you the crafting process, share with you their expertise, as well as give you an opportunity to savour the artisanal gin in a cosy setting that helps you to leave the world outside just for a while.