Blue Ninja Support

We provide bespoke services that help businesses reach their growth and profit potential.


We have over 30 years’ experience, knowledge, tools and techniques, understand business operations and help to improve time consuming and often critical tasks. We assist start-ups to scale up by providing the right skills as the right time.


We work internationally and support English speaking businesses in The Netherlands, this has been recognised with our nominations for the last two years for the NBCC (Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce) Entrepreneur & SME of the Year Awards.


Our experience in process development, project management and administrative management in its many forms give us the skills to support businesses of any size.

Can one of our 5 Ninjas help you: 


Process Ninja - optimise productivity by documenting and organising information coherently

Project Ninja - helping define the plan and goal of your project, timescales, deliverables and tasks along with tracking the project

Admin Ninja - an extra pair of hands to help with a range of operating tasks

Report Ninja - providing review, evaluation and reporting using business products already in place, as well as providing recommendations that fit the business’s needs


Ninja Me - promoting a business or individual’s USP (Unique Selling Point)


From contingency to holiday planning, we can advise on the procedural steps you can take to minimise information and data loss and keep your business operating well. Find us here!