Rhythm of the Unseen


Photographer: Simona Graszl

Model: Edita Gorski

Makeup: Diana Smiths



This shoot was made and published in Salyse magazine. Me and Edita shot a while ago together. I was looking for a model for a long time, when I finally found someone. Unfortunately they cancelled on me last minute and I was really in panic who will I shoot with. 

I knew Edita used to dance in the National Dutch Opera in Amsterdam, but she is also working in Disney Land Paris, so I couldn't ask her to come back for the shoot. I thought: 'what the heck, I'll just send her a message!' She happened to be in Amsterdam that week, so we were able to arrange this shoot.

The photos were taken in one of the National Resorts in the Netherlands, near Haarlem. 


Me and Edita have a really dynamic relationship, and I never had so much fun shooting with anyone else. At some point we laughed so hard we almost peed our pants. Other then being fun and crazy, Edita is super professional and was able to translate in dance moves what I had in my head. 


I hope you like the results as much as I do!