30 Days of Gorgeous - Paola

Paola is a good friend of mine, our babies are almost the same age, and we see each other quite often, so I was really excited when I saw her name popping up on the 30 Days of Gorgeous signup list. 

She’s a fearless and strong woman, and I am always amazed by her bravery. One time she told me that when she moved to the Netherlands 10 years ago, she didn’t speak any Dutch or English, and now she’s fluent in both! You have to be super brave to do that. 


Her pictures are beautiful and I think I truly got to capture her personality. 

Beauty to Paola means proportion, feeling good about yourself even without make up. Being natural. 


What Paola loves about herself is her personality and my ankles. “Funny right?!” she added. I love hearing answers like this to my questions! I heard before many people hating on their random body parts, but I love how for someone else that is one of their favourite thing about themselves. 


She’s thankful for her family, and she couldn’t think about a specific one, but she has many beautiful memories.


She feels most beautiful with a bit of make up on, a nice dress and heels.. Since we had our shoot on the beach, she could do the first two, but heels were a no go :) 


What she’s most proud of is moving here to the Netherlands learn 2 new languages and get a decent job.

Using Paolas words her expectations for the shoot was: “Finally get a photo to be proud of…” Later I asked her to write me a review on my Facebook and she left me this note: "I had a photo session with Simona and I must say she's absolutely fabulous. In almost 40 years, I have just few pictures where I like myself and the ones taken by Simona are my favourite. The light is perfect and she managed to make me feel comfortable in my skin. The result is a lovely set of photos I am proudly showing to my friends."


Let me know hoe you like them! ;) 

xx S 

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