30 Days of Gorgeous - Elisa

Elisa and I met for coffee a few weeks before her shoot. It was so nice to just sit with her and share a bit about our lives, here in the Netherlands. We almost lost track of time. 

Her husband was traveling at the time, and she was telling me that she would like to surprise him for Christmas with the photos. I get excited when I hear things like these. There’s really no better gift than a beautiful photo of your loved ones, that you can keep forever as a memory. 


It has been raining for a few days already and my shoot with Elisa was approaching. We decided to shoot inside, but I was still really hoping for some sunlight. Well, exactly that afternoon the sun was shining brighter then for weeks before, and her photos turned out so bright and beautiful. 


When I asked Elisa what beauty means to her she said: “Beauty can be in things and in people, as we all share and are part of the same beautiful universe. Beauty is the colors of the seasons, beauty is a little girl who sees herself in a mirror for the first time, beauty is a feminine body going through pregnancy, beauty is grace, art and nature. Beauty can be a look, a smile, a hair color, a gesture.” 


This is truly one of my favourite answers I got so far. So poetic, I could’ve not said it better myself. 


She feels most beautiful when she’s happy and accomplished.


What she loves most about herself is her hair, strength, sweetness and brain. I was already enchanted by Elisa’s beautiful red hair, when we met for the first time, and you also notice her sweetness and intelligence as soon as you speak with her. 


What she’s thankful for: “For being born in a peaceful country, which gave me the chance to study and do with my life what I wished to do.”


She’s most proud of her family, and her most beautiful memory was when her daughter looked at her for the first time. 


Her expectations for the shoot was to have fun and a nice experience. “I hope to be comfortable enough, I am a bit shy, and this is going to be challenging. I hope to have enough time to be relaxed, and beautiful. :)


If I would’ve not read what Elisa said I would’ve never though she might be shy. When I came to her house, she had a beautiful outfit on, she looked truly like a princess, and her confidence and beauty is radiating through her photos! 

I really hope to shoot with her again. 


Also funny little detail, a few days after I sent her the photos, she texted me saying, she couldn’t contain her excitement and had to show her husband the photos! :)



I guess it was an early Christmas gift for him, and as I hear he loved them just as much as me and Elisa did.

Let me know how you like them and feel free to book your beauty session! 


xx S 

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