30 Days of Gorgeous - Mirena

Mirena and I decided to do her shoot in Leiden, in a small and quite area of the city, close to where she lives. As soon as we sat down with a cup of coffee, chatting I knew we will have a great shoot together.


This is what beauty means to Mirena: "Raw beauty and something that isn't perfect in particular. One could see beauty everywhere, but beauty to me should provoke a thought, feeling, emotion.. something that you will think about after seeing it. Something that would change you in a way, something that will make you change your perspective and way of looking at life."


She feels most beautiful in the morning when she wakes up and when her boyfriend tells her that she's pretty.

When I asked her what she loves about herself: "I love my hair and actually all my body. After I have given birth to my daughter I see my body as much more beautiful than before.


What are you thankful for?

"Everything! For my child, my loved ones and for our health. I am grateful, I have been born in a peaceful country and not in war conflict for instance, the list is long :)


Her achievement that she's most proud of is that as a psychologist, she is working towards a better mental health – a cause that is very close to her.


Mirena's most beautiful memories are shared between time spent in nature and the giving birth to her daughter.


When I asked her what her expectations were for our shoot she said she will be happily surprised. Already when I showed her some of the photos on the back of the camera she was indeed surprised. She told me she had photographs taken of her before, but she never really felt that the photos represented her true self.


I think I did well capturing her pretty smile and her smart eyes.


Hope to work together again in the future with Mirena, because our shoot was nothing else but laughter and great conversation!'

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x Simona 

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