30 Days of Gorgeous - Maribel

My shoot with Maribel was the first one of the 30 Days of Gorgeous series. I was a bit nervous, but also super excited. I also asked a few questions to each woman before our shoot, to get to know them a bit better, to understand what beauty means to them and what makes them happy. 


For Maribel beauty means a smile, flowers, the smell of a forest, the sea... Being different. She feels most beautiful when she’s happy. 


When I asked her what do you love about yourself she said: I like my eyes and my smile, and the fact that I have a powerful will.

She’s thankful for everything she has in her life! Family (parents and siblings) but also for her husband and daughters. She’s very thankful for all the friends she has  around the world, and for all she has. 

“I do not take anything for granted, and every evening before going to sleep, I try to recall all the things that happened during that day for which I am thankful for.”


I’ve asked her some things that she’s proud of in her life. She has achieved different goals school-wise: graduated with honours from university (Telecommunications Engineer) and has a PhD cum-laude, “but I think that breastfeeding my twin daughters for 5 months is one of the things that I am most proud of.”


Maribels favourite memory: 


“Watching a children's program with my mother. It was about a child who was looking for her mother. She was asking everyone, and people kept asking the child what the mother looked like. The child always replied that her mother was the most beautiful woman in the world. Village after village, the most "beautiful" women were brought before the child, but none were her mother.

Finally, the mother appeared and it turned out that she was "ugly", according to most standards. However, for the child, her mother was the  most beautiful person in the world. My mother and I still can remember this program after more than 30 years, and each time we talk about it, it brings us even closer. That's for me the essence of beauty.”

Her wish for the shoot was that she would like them to be natural and not pose-like. 

I think that wish was fulfilled for sure. 


Loved this outdoors fall walk/ shoot through the forest in Leiden with Maribel. She’s such a free spirit and has a beautiful childlike twinkle in her eyes. I truly enjoyed spending time with her and getting to know her a bit. 



Let me know what you think of the photos.


x Simona

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