Autumn maternity shoot in Cronesteyn park Leiden

I met K through my 'Majestic Pets' series, and I am so happy she answered my model call. Later she admitted that she's an introvert and usually wouldn't sign up for something like that, but I guess our paths had to cross. 

It turned out her and her husband moved to Leiden just about the same time as I moved to this part of the country and I was super excited to hear they're gonna welcome a baby soon.


K is also an artist like myself, she makes beautiful paintings and writes a super cool blog


Even though the dutch weather forecast said rain (as always), we were brave enough to go out on a windy and rainy autumn day and take their maternity photos. 

Good thing they brought their cosy blanket from Iceland, while I was constantly getting whacked in the face with my reflector. I don't mind though we had a great time. 


To finish up the shoot, we ended up in a lovely Dutch cafe called Lot en de Walvis, sipped chai lattes and as good dutch expats enjoyed some fries.

Hope you enjoyed the photos just as much as we enjoyed warming up after being out in the cold! :) 


Have a good weekend! 

x S

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